MobilePad Connect

Secure notes program with sync capabilities

MobilePad Connect v1.2 is the world's first secure notes Java application with synchronization capability.

MobilePad Connect v1.2 is a multifunctional application that allows you to store information for easy retrieval using your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. You can choose to secure the information by creating protected note (incase you lost your phone or you are sharing your cell phone with someone else). It function as a notepad, sticky note, e-wallet and a message database. Use it to store encrypted bank account, credit card, computer login and general details on your phone. Compatible with all Nokia, Sony Erricson, Motorola, Samsung and all other phones/handheld that support Java application.

Tired of storing your passwords into multiple device? Maintain 1 list, and sychronize it with your phones.

Already have a password list? Just copy and paste it into a text file and sychronize with MobilePad.

MobilePad Connect v1.2 allows you to synchronize your mobilepad data with information on the web. Store a master copy of your password file on the web and sychronize it with multple phone.

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MobilePad Connect


MobilePad Connect